Telco customer acquisition

Delivering revenue growth through new customer acquisition

Trusted Data were tasked by a top 3 national player in consumer telecoms to help attract new customers to their network

How we uplifted new customer acquisition by over 9500 per month.

Telecoms is an industry rich with data that can help drive a more customer centric experience.

Having worked with a national telecoms company on customising their next product to buy recommendations, the Client had asked our team to support an initiative to grow customer acquisition, which had tailed off in the prior 9 months.

The Client was sitting on a vast array of data, including Customer segmentation, ARPU classification and Usage patterns.

Our remit was to translate available data into a solution methodology that could attract new customers in a confined marketplace.



Acquiring new customers in a crowded market


Stagnant customer acqusition growth rates exarcebated by the fact that retail was the only sales channel for our Client.

The Client also had regulatory constraints in directly approaching competitor customers.

There was no internally accepted approach to acquire new customers, with a range of propositions being discussed internally wihtin the Clients’ business.


Trusted Data set out to answer the following:

  • Who are the high value customers in the market?
  • Estimate ARPU per customer
  • Identify best mechanism to target high value customers?
  • Evaluate model performance for business ROI assessment, post-analytics deployment 

We were able to estimate consumer spend using CDR data to better understand high value customers. This was challenging due to the somewhat erratic behaviour of pay-as-you-go customers.

Tracking call data we could identify the strength of new prospects to the Clients’ customer. Through robust validation we enabled the Client to accurately estimate the propensity for potential customers to switch over. This was determined by developing a relational strength matrix between the prospect and our Clients’ customers.

Based on behaviour profiling, customer groups were offered unique incentives to help them attract their friends / family over to the Clients’ network, which was operationalised through the customer acquisition team.

Relative increase in customer base


new customer acquisition uplift (monthly)