Analytics to prescribe the Right Product, Right Customer, Right Price, Right Time

Revenue & Marketing Analytics Overview


Knowing what to market, how and when is critical in an age of heightened consumer intelligence. Trade spend in consumer industries may have doubled in the last decade but over one-third of this spend cannot be attributed to desired outcomes. With consumers able to rapidly benchmark offers to better inform purchasing behaviours, through analytics, Trusted Data clients are better positioned to understand and respond to consumer preferences; designing pricing, assortment and promotional plans focused on improving market share and net revenue growth.

Marketing ROI

How to Increase ROI with Marketing Analytics

It is estimated that four-fifths of marketers state that their leadership desire marketing campaign measurement, however only one-third are positioned to evaluate their channel marketing ROI effectively. Using Marketing ROI analytics, clients can generate automated consumer insights to benchmark performance versus historic marketing campaigns.

By leveraging predictive and prescriptive analytics, we model customer engagement and campaign conversion data to help Clients identify optimal channels and mix for marketing investment purposes.


Consumer Intelligence

Uncover granular consumer insights to shape strategic planning

Consumer behaviour is heavily influenced by demand over time, consumer trends, pricing, competitor activity and assortment design. Before you can move towards changing consumer strategy and planning, it is important to underpin historic behaviours that can enable more powerful predictive decision-making.

Often, data is siloed, preventing organisations to develop a 360-degree perspective on consumer behaviour and there is an over-reliance on market research data.

Advanced analytics now offers clients added ability to quickly integrate multiple data sources spanning, product, market, consumer trends, pricing and sales, to form a more accurate and more intelligent perspective on customer. This in turn can have huge payback when planning revenue, promotional or marketing initiatives.

Promotion Optimisation

Use analytics and machine learning to optimise promotional design

Many clients have the dilemma of what to promote and with who and when. Many TPM solutions fail as optimisation outcomes need to be defined based on a Clients’ commercial objectives and not by the software itself.

Managing and tracking promotional spend or sales performance is only part of the challenge.

Optimising for ROI, trade margin, market share, revenue or profit requires very discreet approaches to data modelling. Data selection is also critical to the success of your promotional campaigns.

We acquire and model data related to promotional design, competitor activity, product financials and sales data to identify high performing promotions, attribute causal factors to promotional performance and using prescriptive analytics, recommend those promotions with the greatest propensity to succeed in line with your commercial objectives.

Revenue Growth

Deliver profitable revenue growth by optimising promotions, mix & pricing

Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity…..Enabling sustainable and profitable revenue growth, requires advanced analytical approaches to develop triggers that enhance customer conversion and acquisition, by developing data intelligent offers.

This can involve developing granular demand insights to predict ideal pricing thresholds to uplift margin per transaction, or to uplift channel management efficacy, by rapidly identifying optimal marketing efforts based on customer profile, market segment, location or product channel.

Given the plethora of customer data that is available, particularly in consumer industries, knowing how to extract, model and deploy the right analytics insights is critical in revenue growth management.

Advanced Analytics in Revenue Management & Marketing


Revenue Management and Marketing are intrinsically linked. We help organisations acquire greater clarity on what to market and to whom so that they can reduce non-value add marketing spend, derive optimal pricing strategies and ultimately grow sales from a value and volume perspective.

Promotional analytics

Develop rapid, accurate Promotional insights

Promotions are a significant volume and revenue driver, particularly in the retail and e-commerce sectors. Given the volume and array of data available, measurement of promotions often takes time, is manually intensive, lacks accuracy and misses granularity.

Trusted Data enable organisations to commute the most relevant insights and performance metrics in an instant, often as an initial step towards promotional optimisation, whilst driving intelligent automation through analytics. Our analytics-led approach, focuses on defining the correct insights to acquire based upon your available data sources and your commercial requirements. Our analytics engine is then quickly tuned to assimilate the requisite insights that can support your revenue management and sales initiatives.

Promotional effectiveness

Leverage analytics to optimise Promotions

Whilst promotional analytics can accelerate your insight lead time and increase insight accuracy, knowing the next steps to take, is what really dictates promotional effectiveness. Using predictive and prescriptive analytics, Trusted Data condense insights and move towards defining the ‘next best action’ to take.

Promotional effectiveness analytics primarily focuses on developing an AI decision support system that can optimise decision making within trade planning across product groups, customer channels and time. This is achieved by dynamically understanding sales drivers to help commercial teams re-engineer their promotional plans to deliver specific financial outcomes. Optimisation is fluid and is often applied from a volume, value or ROI perspective.

advertisement spend modelling

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Pricing yield engine design

Price optimisation through AI

Yield engine design is a very complex domain within pricing and revenue analytics. Trusted Data enable clients to achieve dynamic pricing capability by looking at more than just price elasticity.

We observe and model granular patterns in customer requirements, customer transactions, product / service availability, demand trends, customer churn and pricing data to determine optimal price points or price thresholds, which can adapt against parameters such as channel, location, time or customer segment, to deliver rapid commercial success for you.

We also structure our solution delivery model to incorporate relevant performance assessment design and solution impact tracking, enabling our clients to benefit from an objective assessment of performance at multiple levels, including impact tracking across revenue, profit, new customer acquisition, customer churn and customer renewals.

right price analytics

Determine right pricing in omnichannel commerce

Pricing analytics is one of the key pillars for profitability growth, offering low-mid single digit margin growth in less than 1 year. Determining the right price is a multi-faceted modelling challenge. There are different factors affecting demand and sales uptake, including weather, location and time. The switch to multi-channel business environments, requires companies to have a more dynamic perception on when to affect price changes and what pricing tactics to adopt.

Knowing what price to offer to who and when, whilst aligning this with your tactical or broader commercial objectives, requires a data-informed approach.

In sectors such as retail, Trusted Data are allowing companies to take a more holistic view of pricing. By using advanced analytical tools, clients can determine product association strength between different SKUs and then apply this understanding to refine pricing offers to grow customer loyalty and promo conversion. In Hospitality and Subscription businesses, we are using machine learning to help clients package the right bundle of offers to their customers (product and pricing) in order to uplift renewals and new customer conversion.



assortment analytics

Intelligent Product configuration through AI

Assortment planning and optimisation requires a very deep understanding of what and how certain factors influence demand for your products.

Considering there are many causal attributes affecting sales, Trusted Data primarily focus their analytics effort in this space to drive action through advanced insights. Trusted Data clients benefit from developing deep insights into a range of attributes affecting sales, including depth and variety of product ranges, location-based demand, consumer and demographic trends, retail space constraints, channel clustering, brand strength, switching & cannibalisation effects and inter-product association.

We design recommender systems that rapidly understand and predict the impact of these demand / revenue drivers, enabling an optimised and customer-centric assortment plan.

Whilst some software and consulting vendors rely on specific techniques, such as regression analysis, Trusted Data have a suite of analytics tools at their disposal to refine product configuration, building the analytics architecture around a specific Client improvement outcome and delivering to this mandate.

Promotional Pricing

Data intelligence in promotional price setting 

Promotional pricing analytics requires a dynamic modelling approach, beyond observing elasticities, especially in non-uniform product settings. In addition, the commercial outcome varies across product channels and organisations, though promotional pricing is largely focused on enabling volume uplift, category share, and / or margin acquisition.

Trusted Data’s analytics approach focuses on enabling the right decision making in price setting, pricing execution and promotional optimisation.

Our data science team help Clients to create added visibility on costing mechanisms, revealing the true profitability by product, customer and trade channel. Within price setting we observe how competitive behaviour, pricing, supply and demand all affect Client commercial metrics; we then offer Clients capability for dynamic pricing that is responsive to market context. In a promotional context, this helps Client to set correct price levels, helping them to avoid sub-optimal discounting that negatively impacts brand value and profitability.

campaign analytics

Bringing AI into campaign analytics and design

Campaign analytics enables clients to assess and refine specific marketing efforts. There are many campaign analytics solutions in the market that can often ‘post-mortem’ analysis, but the real value is turning generated insights into actionable intelligence.

Trusted Data enable their clients to predict future customer behaviours and to design campaigns that deliver specific commercial outcomes, whether that is focused on raising cross-product awareness, uplifting portfolio sales or increasing new customer acquisition.

We pool together marketing insights from a range of data sources, including customer journey insights, online sentiment, sales, click-through rates, customer conversion, customer referrals and ROI from historic campaigns in order to model, test and design campaigns with your specific commercial outcomes in mind.

sales/volume driver analytics

Advanced Sales and Demand analytics

It can be more prudent to form a 360 perspective on causal factors that are influencing your sales. Observing pricing, promotions, marketing, demand, customer channels, time, weather in a siloed manner, may prevent you from truly understanding what is driving your sales. This is not only incomplete but also dangerous as clients can form an inaccurate hypothesis on their sales drivers. This can have a significant knock on effect when designing assortment, pricing, promotions or marketing campaigns.

Trusted Data are adept at integrating demand insights with a range of variables to inform a more robust relationship between market factors and sales performance.

When modelled through advanced analytics, Trusted Data clients can turn these causal insights into action, by looking at promotional. assortment or pricing optimisation with a view to investing marketing spend in the right place and time, determining correct price setting that realises revenue and profit objectives, and helps you to develop promotional strategies that have a genuine incremental / ROI effect.

customer experience analytics

Using analytics to drive improved understanding and response to customer experience

With a significant move to digital channels, customers can purchase, review and influence sales in a much more impactful way. Understanding your customer’s experience, through analytics, can improve how customers engage with your company, how they view your brand, how the promote your brand and whether they retain and / or increase their business with you.

Trusted Data help clients to understand what the right data to model is, before getting attached to any solution or analytics tool. As metrics in this space are available through different channels, selecting the right data is critical in supporting customer experience analytics.

Trusted Data help clients to track, assess and model metrics such as customer churn, events leading up to customer churn, promoter scores, referrals through online channels, customer feedback, customer sentiment and how to track brand affinity / loyalty.

We develop deep analytical insights through customer experience analytics but more so, use this acquired intelligence to determine the next action with the customer. Trusted Data work with clients to personalise the customer journey, developing the right content for the right customer segment at the right time. IN consumer industries such as Retail, Travel and Banking, these insights can really underpin how to set yourself apart from the competition.

sentiment analytics

Machine Learning to extract and classify customer sentiment

Sentiment analytics has been around for sometime now, but the practice has evolved to offer clients rapid insights into customer experience, including the perception of brand / product experience and value.

Sentiment analysis helps companies to quickly understand emotion, often shared with an online audience, and be able to refine their service / product offering accordingly. Trusted Data apply sentiment analytics to help clients be better informed on how happy or how polarised their customers are with pricing, customer service, product design, branding, product quality or overall experience. This can play a key role in refining marketing, design, pricing or channel specific efforts, sometimes by customer segment and / or location. We apply sentiment analytics on market research data, social media and brand feedback, together with customer experience data to develop granular insights into customer perception and experience.

We use a suite of approaches within sentiment analytics, including how to detect / classify customer emotion and how to amplify understanding of specific product / service attributes. Moving away from classical rule-based systems that pre-determine rules on data extraction and interpretation, Trusted Data employ machine learning to dynamically learn from customer sentiment data.

This enables clients to not only process large scale data quickly but ensures that sentiment keyword association is robust, helping clients to avoid arriving at the wrong conclusions.

customer churn prediction

Predicting customer churn through advanced analytics

Customer Churn analytics helps companies detect and avoid customer attrition. Churn analytics is important because retaining an existing customer is often easier and less costly than attracting a new customer.

Historically, companies have struggled with customer churn as they lack the consolidated insights to understand why customers are leaving. Some estimates state that over 90% of customers that churn, do so without the provision of any qualitative and quantitative feedback, leaving companies at a loss on preventative / curative actions.

Trusted Data are adept at picking up early warning signs that lead to customer churn. We help redefine how to classify what customer churn is and when the process has been triggered. We model demographics, customer value, customer behaviours, by product and segment and in doing so, we enable our clients to improve offer relevance to customers, increasing the chances of retention and avoiding unnecessary investment on generic campaign offers.

Whilst there are some advocates for churn analytics software, sadly, this type of analytics work cannot be productised. It requires a very customised effort, based on data availability, data structure and targeted outcomes. This is how Trusted Data develop customer churn analytics methodologies. Our solutions are able to embed within internal processes tied to Customer relationship management and Outbound retention.

marketing mix modeling

Analytics-driven insights into Marketing ROI & design

Unlocking granular insights into marketing effectiveness has proven to be a significant challenge for Marketers and Commercial leaders. Building a singular truth that aligns marketing investment with branding and sales impact requires a sophisticated analytical approach.

Clients want to take strategic investment decisions that uplift brand value and drive category growth. To do this, you need to reel in a variety of data sources.

You need to drive modelling outcomes that can address fundamental business questions, such as:

  • The type of media to invest in and the projected impact
  • Marketing ROI by brand, customer, channel
  • Does advertising through certain channels drive greater ROI and sales
  • How often to run marketing campaigns to rationalise marketing investment

Trusted Data place marketing leaders at the cusp of advanced insights into fine tuning their marketing plans, to eliminate non-value added spend and focus attention to formats and consumer segments that will drive the greatest impact. We help marketing leaders define parameters for measurement and improvement within marketing mix optimisation, so they can embed efficiency and relevance, alongside creative considerations, in marketing planning.

web/social media analytics

Online analytics to harness rapid social media and web insights

Trusted Data have proven specialism in integrating unstructured and disparate data from multiple sources, to provide organisations with consolidated and predictive intelligence. This is essential for digital and commercial functions, seeking to understand the myriad of insights available from web and social media analytics.

Data mining customer sentiment, for example, through natural language processing is only a small part of a larger narrative, as there is much more to acquire, classify, measure and understand when it comes to web analytics. Sentiment, may tell you the ‘what’, but not necessairly the ‘how’, ‘why’ and ‘where’. This is why customisation of your analytics efforts is so important in detemring your web analytics effectiveness.

Trusted Data’s approach to social media and online intelligence is focused on determining how to extract and model the relevant data that fits with your business goals. Too often, web analytics efforts lead to ‘analysis paralysis’, by intensely focusing on descriptive statistics. Our efforts however, are to ensure that the data we help you acquire and understand is relevant to influencing your key business drivers, such as customer engagment, customer conversion, complaint insights, campaign analytics and campaign ROI.

competitor mapping analytics

Competitor analytics in a digital world

Identifying competitor activity and responding with the right campaign offers is essential in an increasingly digital business space. 

Online analytics and Content strategy development require a deep understanding of the audience you are targeting, the audience you are acquiring, how your competitors are active in this space and the keywords that can influence the customer journey, especially in pay per click ad spend and search optimisation.

Trusted Data are adept at applying competitor analytics in a range of sectors.

In retail and consumer goods, using POS / Nielsen data, we can help FMCG clients acquire a suite of dynamic insights into competitor promotional activity and competitor sales and category impact.

In the online space, we focus very much on traffic generation and content strategy development, targeting enhanced ROI from ad spend and increased campaign / site visibility through efforts that include keyword optimisation and backlink analysis; this includes dynamically understanding what keywords your competitors are using in content marketing and ads, enabling you to pivot quickly to shifts in customer engagement levels.


Our Solution Delivery Model

Define the Commercial objectives & target business outcome

Each clients’ aspiration within revenue growth and marketing effectiveness has its’ own unique dimensions; data, processes, business context and target improvement  outcome.

Likewise, Trusted Data’s approach to solution design in Revenue and Marketing analytics begins with defining the Clients’ commercial aspiration and success factors, and aligning this with the correct solution methodology and design.

acquire consumer, market & product data to refine solution design

Given the variety and scale of data processed through Enterprise systems nowadays, it is no surprise that Enterprise solutions fail so often to deliver exactly what the Client wants.

Once we have defined the right problem, we turn our focus quickly to selection of the right data and modelling methodology, which will deliver your improvement outcome.

Model & Deploy the right proprietary solution to achieve your TARGET outcome

By utilising the most advanced analytical approaches, including AI & Machine Learning, we enable Clients to rapidly acquire insights to better understand consumer behaviour and motivation, enabling data intelligent design across revenue management and marketing initiatives.

Rather than ‘selling’ solutions, we focus on the ‘promise of success’, guaranteeing clients superior performance through collboration with Trusted Data.

Knowledge Transfer, Solution adaptation & impact tracking with the client

With multiple inputs involved in assessing revenue management and marketing effectiveness, knowing how to define and track the impact of revenue and marketing analytics is not as straightforward as YOY comparisons.

Trusted Data are adept at supporting your team with thorough knowledge transfer exercises as part of solution deployment, when this is needed. Furthermore, we help you design the most relevant approach to measure the commercial impact of deploying our solutions in your business, enabling clients to discern the real value of revenue and marketing analytics as a top and bottom line mover.


How We Set Ourselves Apart

Revenue & Marketing Analytics

Trusted Data offer Revenue Management and Marketing leaders an opportunity to develop quicker and more meaningful insights into their consumers, product, pricing and promotions. Combining deep domain knowledge of analytical techniques with the most relevant and advanced analytics tools, we deliver added customisation and quicker results for clients, steering them away from reporting/dashboarding and towards actionable intelligence that delivers top and bottom line growth

  • Flexible pricing (gain share or result driven)
  • Right| Data, Methodology & Modelling
  • Open source tools
  • Solution customisation and Outcome focused
  • Speedy delivery
  • Guaranteed ROI

Our Revenue & Marketing Solutions


Our Advanced Analytics & Data Science team deliver sophisticated solutions focused on revenue growth management and marketing optimisation

Marketing ROI uplift in Banking

Optimising content and the customer journey

FMCG Promotional Analytics

FMCG Promotional Intelligence solution

Retail Promo Optimisation

Customising Promotional offers at POS

Customer Loyalty Analytics in Banking

Revenue growth through loyalty analytics

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Supply Chain Survey Results Q1 2020: Planning & Ai

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Getting demand planning right   Forecasting is a common statistical task in business, where it helps to inform decisions about the scheduling of production, transportation and personnel, and provides a guide to long-term strategic planning. However, business...

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