We enable HR leaders to extract the most meaningful People Insights from their data to refine Workforce and Talent planning


Advanced Analytics for HR & Talent


HR and Talent Management design has long been challenged to bring added objectivity to the business table…. Designing the right performance & reward frameworks, discerning performance drivers, correctly measuring & acting upon people engagement & sentiment, recruitment effectiveness….The subject area is broad and so are the analytics opportunities, as HR leaders seek to use data analytics and AI to better understand & predict shifts in their workforce dynamics.

Knowing where to start can be a key challenge in designing a HR analytics agenda and working with a partner such as Trusted Data can help organisations re-focus on the most pertinent analytical approaches, saving Clients time and hefty investment in solution & software-centric approaches.


Right HR Practices

Data-driven HR Processes and Management

HR functions have been much maligned, in so much that their processes and strategies are not substantiated by the right data and insights.

Trusted Data are enabling forward-thinking HR leaders to leverage employee, industry and organisational data to better manage, engage, motivate and reward their employees, through advanced analytics.

As data structures and variety differ from one organisation to another, analytics require a very customised approach, by organsiation, to ensure that the analytical solution is both relevant to the Clients’ context and impactful against specificied deliverables.

Engaged Workforce

Deriving meaningful insights from Engagement Analytics

Employee engagement has been a contentious topic, both in terms of the approach to measure employee engagement data and the manner in which to define engagement.

Using advanced text analytics and sophisticated approaches towards data classification / clustering, Trusted Data are helping HR leaders become more acquainted with engagement data and driving ‘next best actions’.

We often combine this approach with employee sentiment analytics to develop deeper analytical insights that can be cross-validated to identify consistency / discrepancies in employee feedback between different channels.

Our engagement analytics solutions allow clients to a deliver a more impactful employee engagement process, speeding up analysis and offering more robust insights to approriate the right follow through with their workforce.



Increase Productivity/ROI


Applying HR analytics to improve Productivity and ROI

Trusted Data have a track record in helping HR functions mitigate unnecessary investment in personnel, systems and data, by deploying advanced analytics.

HR leaders want data now to make the right decisions fast. Our analytical solutions in HR include delivering predictive and optimisation solutions that can dynamically forecast workforce demand, reduce recruitment leadtime via intelligent automation and provide data-driven insights into the effectiveness of training, competency and reward frameworks.


Business Growth

Preparing your Workforce for Growth

Ensuring that your workforce is adequately positioned to support ST and LT business growth requires data and insights.

Trusted Data’s HR analytics team realise that workforce optimisation comes in various forms, including right headcount, right competencies and establishing well-balanced remuneration structures.

Often, these decisions are made without the right data and rarely are supported by correct analytical methodologies.

We offer broad HR analytics capabilities so that HR leaders have added objectivity in HR framework design, so they can help their organisations avoid excessive overspending on personnel and ensure that investment is redirected to the right people through the right channels for training / developmental purposes.

We Work With Smart HR Executives

To Deliver Advanced People Analytics & Insights


Trusted Data seek to move clients away from HR dashboarding to action-oriented insights. using advanced analytics techniques, our team seek to predict and prescribe the next best action in your HR planning agenda, informing data-driven decisions across areas including workforce planning, talent design, engagement, compensation and talent acquisition

Employee Churn Modelling

How we can Predict Employee Churn

Employee churn can bear a large time and financial burden, as HR teams are continually making efforts to retain staff and ensure contingencies are in place to minimise down-time searching for replacement hires.

The cost of employee churn is amplified when considering for wasted employer investment in learning, training, remuneration and lost productivity.

Trusted Data are using predictive analytics to help HR teams predict employee churn and also to identify leading factors.

By acquiring a variety of features related to each candidate, including education level, age, department, line manager, performance data, role, work conditions, service length and income, our solution approach includes applying advanced classification algorithms to validate the most accurate predictions, based upon your available employee data.

Our employee churn analytics solutions help HR teams to:

(A) identify the most important factors contributing to employee churn

(B) predict the probability of an employee leaving based upon their classification

Employee Engagement Modelling

Engagement Analytics to refine HR strategic planning

Engagement is an arbitrary construct, without considering for its’ key components; employee engagement, employee job satisfaction and employer commitment.

Measuring engagement without considering key factors such as these will inhibit actionable intelligence.

Trusted Data’s analytics approach to engagement, involves disseminating the most granular insights from engagement data to unravel whether there are underlying patterns that objectively link employee feedback with defined performance goals for an organisation.

Our insights through engagement analytics assist HR leadership teams to uncover which interventions are most relevant to take, enabling data-driven HR planning.

Employee Sentiment analytics

How to dynamically measure Employee Sentiment

With employee engagement initiatives largely constraining analysis on a periodic basis, employee sentitment analytics helps to cross-validate employee engagement data with real-time insights.

Trusted Data’s extensive technical experience in text and sentiment analytics allows HR leaders to better understand how an employee is feeling; including perceptions about line manager behaviour, work environment and intra-team/ inter-department working relationships.

We apply sentiment analytics in various contexts for HR leaders, including:

(A) Sentiment analytics to analyse email content, which offers rolling analytical insights into employee engagement over time and by individual / department / work location.

(B) Acquiring insights from employee social commentary across a range of online platforms to monitor mood of your employees and to segment key factors affecting employee sentiment.

(C) Sentiment analysis from employer feedback forums, including but nore limited to engagement and staff surveys

Workforce Forecasting

Predicting workforce demand with Ai

Trusted Data have extensive experience in workforce forecasting and scheduling.

Workforce scheduling has often been undertaken by organisations, using more basic analytical and planning approaches.

Using an advanced forecasting engine, which is based upon the Clients’ operational business context, Trusted Data enable clients to predict optimal staffing levels by time, location, skill set.

The result is that our clients can reduce workforce costs without compromising delivery, ensuring that the right number and type of staff are allocated to any location at the right time.


How we Apply Intelligent Analytics in Talent Management

When HR leaders lack data-driven insights, the impact on Talent programs can be huge; largely brought about by surface-level diagnositics on performance and development, resulting in ineffective program design and resulting low ROI.

Trusted Data’s approach to Talent Management analytics is built upon the Clients’ end goal. Whilst this varies from one organisation to another, our primary delivery areas for talent management analytics focus on:

1. Identifying employee flight risks by modelling employee performance, absence, sentiment data  to take actionable insights that prevent employee turnover.

2. Building robust statistical linkage between individual performance and organisational goals, to identify high potential and low performing employees

3. Increasing visibility on the incremental impact of various employee development channels

4. Recommending ideal employee development approaches / programmes based on employee type, function and background.

Diversity and inclusion analytics

How we Promote Diversity & Inclusions with Analytics

Diversity and Inclusion has become a very hot topic with increasing insights demonstrating (un)conscious bias across the employee life cycle, including in recruitment, compensation and talent management.

Trusted Data’s approach to this space encompasses a number of key insights, which include:

1. Diversity in candidate application pools by job level, location and function (volume of applicants by diversity group, ratio of application:interview:hire, recruitment source by diversity group)

2. Hi-potentials across diversity lines and subsequent rate of promotions

3. Diverse talent turnover by service, manager, department, role, location.

4. Employer readiness for diversity in succession planning

5. Engagement, Sentiment and Performance across diversity lines (qualitative and quantitative)

6. Bias in compensation levels

HR Risk Analytics

How we minimise Human Capital Risk

Within HR digital transformation, future proofing and planning is integral. using data analytics and data-driven insights, Trusted Data can enable HR leaders to define, measure and predict future organisational risk so that approrpiate interventions can be planned and executed at the right time.

This can include modelling for employee-related risks, such as critical skills shortages either at a functional / organisational level or for future hiring needs. It also extends to monitoring succession planning risks by measuring fit of current employees for future leadership roles.

Finally ,Trusted Data’s predictive analytics expertise can play a key role in helping to identify the potential of an employee to leave their job based on different dimensions, such as working relationships, compensation, career progression / development data.

employee behaviour modelling

Modelling employee behaviour and workforce culture analytics

Within behavioural analytics, we are not referring to scrutinising employee conduct, but how employees approach their tasks in the workplace, how they engage with others and what work methods are more / less effective.

Obtaining data from enterprise systems, email communications and PDR’s, Trusted Data can develop robust insights into employee behaviour, work culture and working methods. this includes:

  • Tracking real-time employee tone and sentiment through email traffic
  • How and how long employees utilise work systems and which work methods are efficient and not
  • How managerial communication fosters a culture conducive to your organisational goals and values

Trusted Data’s purpose is to build these insights, so that organisations can integrate change and adopt new approaches to promote a healthy and productive work environment.

compensation analytics

Remain Competitive and Compliant with Compensation Analytics

Compensation analytics focuses on optimising the cost of a workforce to drive bottomline growth, by helping employers build suitable financial and non-financial structures to attract candidates, increase diversity/inclusion, retain talent and reward performance equitably.

Having undertaken detailed analytical work to underline causal relationships between competence, trainign and reward, Trusted Data focus compensation analytics delivery on several core features:

1. Salary benchmarking by undertaking dynamic text analytics to segment relative job opportunities and define market rates and employer competitiveness.

2. Deploying compensation analytics to understand pay variations among various groups (race, gender, age); revealing how fair employer compensation practices really are. 

3. To model if total rewards program are achieving their intended goals and what / how certain compensation features affect employee attrition, retention and sentiment.


Machine Learning Talent matching

How we align talent with hiring opportunities

Recruitment processes have often been constrained by protracted lead-times, which require manual efforts to screen and align candidates with the right job vacancy. Historically, recruitment teams have sought boolean and tagging search mechanisms to support their search and screeening efforts but the possibilities are far greater with Ai.

Trusted Data are applying advanced approaches to text analytics (including NLP) to help extract the most relevant data from candidate applications / profiles (including skills, keywords, key phrases, industry/sector experience) and matching this with each relevant job description / advert.

The result for hiring teams is reduced leadtime in candidate shortlisting, greater efficiency and reduced hiring costs.

Skill Gaps mapping

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HR metrics

Automating and increasing speed to People insights

Whilst Trusted Data’s focus is largely on modelling data to drive actionable, predictive intelligence, we do on occasion support clients in building the first layer in their analytics journey.

To optimise future performnace outcomes, you first need to measure and define them correctly.

Within HR analytics, we enable clients to assimilate data and extract meanignful insights into:

  • hiring leadtimes
  • promotional leadtime by employee/function/demographic and
  • training expense per employee / function
  • training efficiency / ROI
  • revenue per employee
  • offer acceptance 
  • voluntary / involuntary attrition
  • human capital risk

Our People Analytics Delivery Model

Define the HR / talent management CHALLENGE & the targeted outcome

HR is a broad area and each client is dealing with its’ own unique dimensions, such as People and Training data, HR processes, business context and target outcome.

Likewise, Trusted Data’s approach to HR analytics and solution design begins with helping the Client to articulate the right problem or business challenge, then clearly define the success parameters, which will underpin the analytics modelling and review / deployment approach.

ACQUIRE THE right data & ASSIGN THE RIGHT solution methodology

Given the variety and scale of data processed through HR and Talent Enterprise systems nowadays, it is no surprise that HR remain dissatisfied with the lack of actionable intelligence currently offered by such solutions.

Once we have defined the right problem, we turn our focus quickly to selection of the right data and modelling methodology, which will deliver the right HR / people insights and outcomes.

Model & Deploy the right proprietary solution to achieve your TARGET outcome

By utilising AI & Machine Learning, we offer Clients added analytical horsepower to comb through the myriad of data which they warehouse, to extract the right insights and outcomes across the HR spectrum

Rather than ‘selling’ solutions, we focus on client requirements to deliver added clarity and certainty quicker than conventional HR analysis approaches & related solutions.

Knowledge Transfer, Solution adaptation & impact tracking with the client

We remain to close to clients to support effective knowledge transfer, solution impact tracking and iterative refinements to solutions beyond Pilots or version 1.0

Client needs may evolve and Trusted Data remain repsonsive to adapting solution functionality in line with such requirements.

How We Set Ourselves Apart

Intelligent HR Analytics


Trusted Data operate differently to conventional HR consulting and technology enablers. By combining the most relevant and advanced analytics tools to a Clients’ given HR and Business context, we deliver adpative solution methodologies, which syncronise with our Clients’ specific HR objectives, delivering superior performance in less time.

  • Flexible pricing (gain share or result driven)
  • Right| Data, Methodology & Modelling
  • Open source tools
  • Achieving target for you
  • Speedy delivery
  • Quick ROI / Cost neutral investment

Some of our HR Analytics success stories

Trusted Data’s team of Data Scientists and our HR advisory panel have delivered a suite of sophisticated solutions, supporting HR / Talent program effectiveness assessments and HR Operational analytics.

Competency Design Effectiveness

Aligning performance, competency & reward

Staff scheduling optimisation

Optimising staffing headcount in banking

Computing Training Effectiveness

Itemising ROI by staff training segment

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Supply Chain Survey Results Q1 2020: Planning & Ai

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