Building a central intelligence tool for promotional insights

A global FMCG brand asked Trusted Data to develop a zero-touch Intelligence tool that could autonomously commute all retail promotional performance insights

Delivering a quantum leap in revenue analytics capability, through Machine Learning

Trusted Data were asked to support a global FMCG player in Europe, who had encountered constraints in mapping promotional effectiveness across its’ mainstream retail channel.

Investment in a Trade Promotion Management solution from a global consulting firm had failed to effectively extract, transform and model sales, financial, promotional and product data, leading to unreliable performance insights.

With the Client then undertaking manual analysis, which was time-consuming and  lacked accuracy and granularity, a new solution was sought out that could commute all defined performance metrics tand be accepted by a cross functional audience.

Applying cutting-edge analytics to rapidly commute incrementality, competitor and promo ROI insights


With intense promotional activity, it was very difficult for the Client to define a realiable, dynamic baseline upon which to measure promotional impact.

Internal reporting captured <5% of competitor promotions.

Inferring switching and cannibalisation metrics was therefore almost impossible for the Client, based upon existing processes.

Blending multiple data sources to create a singular source of truth for the Client had proved a major challenge.

How could all insights be generated on command rather than through a conventional analysis undertaking?


An initial 3 weeks were required to map internal processes, stakeholder requirements and over 10 different data sources.

Trusted Data then amalgamated the selected data sources for modelling purposes and connected internal data to Nielsen weekly sales data.

Applying Machine learning analytics to:

  • compute a dynamic baseline for every product, over time, including competitor products – this would overcome the challenge of computing sales uplift
  • to read all category promotions
  • to dynamically compute cannibalisation versus similar competitor products for any promotion

Generate a code that would compute all Promotional indices and KPIs, including Promo sales uplift, Cannibalisation and Promo ROI, offering the client all defined Product-level promotional metrics with one touch.

Insights leadtime before Trusted data

12 wks 

Insights leadtime with Trusted Data

3 secs

analytics Solution developed in

7 wks

Category promotions captured automatically