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Our goal is to ensure you develop capabilities to solve business problems and achieve your goals through the systematic application of Data Science Learning. We work with analytical learners to identify core skill development areas prior to customisation of analytical learning activities. This delivers more meaningful analytics content focused on you, your data and your organisational processes.

Expert Data Scientists to help you learn analytics against your chosen area

Learn from our expert Data Scientists who are passionate about analytics ideation & design, through to solution deployment and knowledge transfer. We help learners identify the right selection of data, analytical tools, techniques and algorithms that best address your current business problems and analytical objectives. What you will learn from us will get applied to your business tomorrow. 

The Convenience of Learning Analytics with Trusted Data

You can learn in a way that fits your time and location. Most of our clients request in-house analytics delivery, either focused on a functional level or broader application of data science across the organisation. We, however, conduct learning sessions on selected “tasks” and invite intra-organisational participants, which will foster knowledge sharing and transfer into your business post-training

Our Analytics and Data Science Learning Topics

Machine Learning | NLP | Deep Learning | Computer Vision | Speech & Voice | Text | Genetic Programming


Data Modelling Techniques

Analytics Tools

Artificial Intelligence Learning Areas

Learn Supply Chain Analytics

Uncover new AI-driven approaches to reinforce your supply chain transformation agenda, including in forecasting, inventory and logistics

Learn HR Analytics

Establish new analytical approaches and how to apply them within HR Operations, Talent Management & Reward

Learn Customer Analytics

Discover how to create a multidimensional insights into the customer journey how to optimise for value, loyalty, revenue & profit

Learn Web/Social Media Analytics

Learn how to extract and model the right customer insights and sentiment to refine your digital marketing agenda

Learn Pricing Analytics

Develop your understanding of applying pricing analytics within customer & revenue analytics to uplift conversion, retention and revenue

Learn Marketing Analytics

Learn marketing analytics applications from a multifunctional standpoint, including sales, revenue & digital

Learn Manufacturing Analytics

Build a deeper understanding on enabling digital manufacturing capabilities through advanced analytics & Ai

Learn Fraud & Risk Analytics

Reinforce your risk management by learning intelligent analytics approaches relevant to your business context 

Data & Analytics Stand Between

Leaders and Laggers

We help our customers with pre-analytics learning to map all critical-to-business learning criteria; including participants, learning tasks, desired outcomes, analytical tools, learning duration, venue and most importantly data science domains such as machine learning, deep learning, genetic programming, hypothesis testing, computer vision, text, web or social media analytics. 

Our unique advantage is that we are data science practitioners. Our core business is modelling complex analytical problems and deploying intelligent solutions for our clients. In combining industry experience with our analytical expertise and your learning goals, we ensure our training is practical to the participants and the connected business. 

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